About Us

 We Are Proud Employers of Refugees


Meet Bakary. He is one among many employees here that have gone through the refugee programs and relocation. We pay our employees well above minimum wage levels, offer regular wage increases, and we just started a new profit sharing program. Trying to explain to these guys that we would be sharing profits with them was a bit of a challenge since they had never heard of such a thing! We are proud that these gentlemen are experiencing a slice of the American dream.


What makes a good meditation cushion?

Proper design paired with high-quality materials.

Waterglider meditation cushions were originally created and used by Zen Buddhism practitioners. They allow you comfortably sit cross-legged with proper posture, stabilizing the back and helping the spine assume natural curves, minimizing discomfort in a lumbar area, knees and ankles.

We use only top-quality certified materials for our cushions. The exterior cushion cases are made of durable organic cotton, will withstand extensive use and are hypoallergenic. Depending on your cushion of choice, the buckwheat hull and organic cotton we use is top-quality.

The cushions purposely come overstuffed with filling to allow meditators the freedom to customize the cushion stiffness to your own liking and comfort.